It has been a full on After Effects week this week and we haven’t seen much daylight from outside the editing suite.

We have been working with SalesTorque on a video for global company VMware to raise awareness for their ‘Be Tomorrow’ brand which is all about Diversity and Inclusion.


At first, I received 200GB worth of interview footage that had to be cleverly reduced into a 3 minute talking heads video. The challenge was to take all of these green screen talking heads and make it compelling visually. The story was there, but the visual element not so much.

The sort of green screen footage we receive regularly.

After a few days of tweaking and lots of creative decisions made, it is now off to the client for review. After making a few changes I am sure it will be available to see soon.

The finished video will be shown at their global gathering, VMworld, at the end of the month.




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