VMware – SuperHero Show Starter (5:1 ratio)

We were asked by a regular communications agency that uses us for their creative work, to help film and produce a superhero themed show starter video for a tech company’s conference in Lisbon.

We arrived at their offices, with a script and got filming. It was a really fun shoot with their team of senior staff members.

After returning to our edit suite, we ingested the footage, keyed out all the green screen, and got adding special effects to make the video really pop! (see below for screenshots)

We then had a suitable voice over created, added music and sound effects and then mixed the sound ready for a big stage and sound system. Something that most other video production companies often forget.

The show in Lisbon was a massive success and we are hearing there was great feedback for the video. It was shown on a screen that was 25 meters wide!

Another happy client and we can’t wait for next year’s event!



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