VMware EMPOWER 2019 – Registration Video

This video we have completed recently was a mash up of using the company’s new branding, receiving interviews shot on green screen and some motion graphics work.

First we received all the interview footage of the 3 people talking with a green screen behind them. Once it was cut into a story that works, each clip was then exported into Adobe After Effects for the removal of all the green bits!

Editing the video in the FLYTE editing suite.

Once all the people were looking nice, we set to make all the motion graphic work well within the companies new brand guidelines.

Then it was sent to render and the only thing to do after that was adding the music tracks. As this piece was all about announcing the new location for their event in Lisbon, we couldn’t resist adding some local music to the video.

Getting it right with Adobe After Effects running on the other screen.

After only a few changes, the video was signed off and is out there now enticing attendees to the event.



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