Laser Storm Project

We were asked to film and produce two 10 second videos and one slightly longer video for the local Laser Storm business.

So, we arranged an evening to film at their location. We also arranged the people that were participating in the game to be aware that there was filming going on throughout.

We used a Sony FS5 on a DJI Ronin M gimbal for the study shots. We also used a GoPro Hero 5 mounted to the laser gun and then on a players head. To really capture what the game player was seeing.

Once we captured all the footage that was needed, we headed back to the editing suite and started ingesting all the footage.

Laser Storm screenshot

Once the good shots were collected on a timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro. We headed over to Adobe After Effects to create a gorgeous looking start and end sequence. We think it looks pretty good!

Above it one of the short videos we created for them. Another set of happy clients!




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