Education Destination – Westminster event capture – Video

It was a very early morning. We met the coach and traveled up to London with the Education Destination staff and other Island company owners.

Traveling on the ferry to Southampton, on our way to Westminster

We were tasked to capture their event day that they have organised at Westminster palace. To get interviews from company owners and B Roll around the palace and create a video about their event so that they could use it to promote their education business on their website and on social channels.

Capturing interviews from company owners. This interview was with Education Destination founder, Peter Tomlinson.

There was a good turn out, even the Isle of Wight MP, Bob Seely made an appearance.

The room we were in at Westminster Palace.

After a long day filming, we traveled back and then we got started. Ingesting the footage we captured into our editing suite and putting the great shots and interviews on the timeline.

Ingesting footage at FLYTE Creative Media editing suite.

Another happy set of clients for us.



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