Earl Mountbatten Hospice – Film

We were asked by the Earl Mountbatten Hospice to produce a 35th anniversary video to be aired for the first time at their annual AGM. Time was a little tight, but we were up for the challenge.

With that as our brief, we had a number of meetings with the Hospice to arrange good times to come in and film. Plus other times where we could go out and about to get other footage needed for the film.

Hospice patient being interviewed.

As this job was to interview some very poorly people, young and old, we had to maintain a very high standard and professional approach to all aspects of interviewing and to respect peoples privacy. So we had to be quick in, and quick out, not to disturb too much.

As you can see from our screen shots, there was a lot of footage captured. Most of it in 4k resolution, so the file sizes were huge! But nothing our high tech computers can’t cope with.

The film was recently aired at their AGM with a fantastic response. with Emma Topping, Head of Communications for the Hospice saying:

I’ve just come back from the AGM where it had its first airing and – wow! – the reaction was phenomenal. Everyone commented about it afterwards and sang your praises. So thank you for your skill and patience in making a great film!

We love that sort of response to our work. Another happy client and I am sure we will be doing more for the Earl Mountbatten Hospice in the future.



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