Deepu Story

For an award show we recently were involved in, we were asked to create a fictional short film from a story that was written specifically for the event.

We received the story via email, had a read, and then had to come up with ideas for what we going to show on screen. It was a Bollywood themed event, and we were given a few ideas that the company had. One of them was that it would be good if it could be in a book.

So, because we don’t have Pixar on speed dial, we had a search online for some tiger footage and we were lucky enough to find some already animated tigers that we could purchase to use in the film.

For the voice over, we used a Indian voice over company based in Mumbai, India. As they were recording in their audio studio, we were on Skype listening to the performance so that we could direct them from our editing suite here at FLYTE Creative Media. Then within minutes, we have the audio file and we could carry on with the editing. Don’t you just love the internet!

Deepu story on the big screen

After a good few days we had something to show the client, and the loved it. We had a last minute change of video ratio size, from 3:1 to 11:5, but after a bit of jiggling, it wasn’t a problem to do.

Above is the end result. It looked so great on the night. We were very proud.



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