Civica Awards 2016 Post Production

We were asked to create all of the video post production for the National Civica Awards 2016 again this year. We have completed this job every year for the last 4 years so we must be doing something right!

The above video is a sample of one of the award comment videos that was shown on the night. This video was for Employee of the Year.

Our client, SalesTorque, filmed some of the staff giving their comments on green screen, then brought the footage back to us.

Rendering lots of videos

Then we had to key the green background out to just leave the people on screen. We then had to create animated graphics to fit in with their theme which was Rio / The Jungle.

We also was given the task to create an animated start funny staff short film “The Civicans”. We were given the script, and the footage from the filmed staff too. We also had a David Attenborough “sound alike” voice over artist to read part of the script. Which gave the video a nature documentary feel to it. The only shame about this video is that the time scale was very tight, we would’ve like a few more days to perfect it. Also, as the filming was not done by us, the sound quality was not the best on the staff clips as so does not reflect our work at FLYTE. Have a watch below…

Here is a screen shot of what we were seeing while in Post…

A screen shot of what we were seeing in Adobe After Effects

We also normally film the event too, but this year we were not available as to a jam packed schedule.

We hear that the night was a great success and everyone loved the videos. Which is always nice to hear!

Thanks for reading. JG



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