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Using video to communicate – where do I start?

So, the good news is you can re-open your business – yippee! Now it’s time to let your audience know: both your existing customers and potential customers that you’re open and ready. Whether you’re using social media or would just like a video on your website home page to get your ‘welcome back’ message across, […]

NEW! FLYTE Voiceover Talent

Here at FLYTE Creative Media we have the pleasure of regularly working with voiceover artists to support our video production. Our MD Sarah is both a voiceover artist and a producer, so understands the selection process and project management as a producer and the delivery aspect as a talent. Both voiceover and video production industries […]

Filming remotely and how we can help!

Stuck at home, not sure what to do, but know you still need to create engaging content for your audience? Good news – there’s still lots that can be done! We’ve worked remotely with clients for several years now and have a few tricks up our sleeves that can really help with creating professional video […]

No-Contact Content

Presence. Every brand needs it. So, what can we do to ensure your messaging is still being reached by your audience and cutting through the noise? How can we work together to keep your marketing collateral professional and on-brand, even when so many of us are working remotely and the way we are working has […]

The show must go on!

2020 – just when you thought Brexit was going to destabilise the economy, corona virus reared its unforgiving head and here we are grappling with social distancing, isolating and, for many, suffering a dramatic downturn in demand for products and services. Thankfully we are all keeping in touch online and I think it’s safe to […]

Our quick guide to PR

In essence, public relations (PR) is about communicating with your audience through trusted sources. By using an effective PR strategy, you can tell a story about your brand and create a narrative that advances your organisation’s agenda, without paying for direct advertising. The distinction between public relations and paid-for advertising is often paraphrased as follows: […]

Brand guidelines – what are they and why are they so important?

Every business has a brand, whether it has been consciously crafted or has developed organically over time. Creating a brand guidelines document is the perfect way to ensure marketing teams and supporting agencies communicate a consistent message about your brand to the world. As content creators for brands of all sizes, we use these guidelines […]

Our guide to content creation

Content is a massive part of life in 2019 – it informs us, entertains us, answers our questions, confirms our thoughts and enables us to share our lives with a global audience. We are all consuming content on an hourly basis – every time you search for something on Google, every scroll through Instagram, every […]

The power of testimonials for your business

Testimonials are an important part of the relationship building process for your business. They act as a way to enforce credibility and expertise and can strengthen your reputation by expressing the trust that other people have in your business.   Typically, testimonials come from two kinds of people – customers who use and love your […]