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The show must go on!

2020 – just when you thought Brexit was going to destabilise the economy, corona virus reared its unforgiving head and here we are grappling with social distancing, isolating and, for many, suffering a dramatic downturn in demand for products and services. Thankfully we are all keeping in touch online and I think it’s safe to […]

Our quick guide to PR

In essence, public relations (PR) is about communicating with your audience through trusted sources. By using an effective PR strategy, you can tell a story about your brand and create a narrative that advances your organisation’s agenda, without paying for direct advertising. The distinction between public relations and paid-for advertising is often paraphrased as follows: […]

Brand guidelines – what are they and why are they so important?

Every business has a brand, whether it has been consciously crafted or has developed organically over time. Creating a brand guidelines document is the perfect way to ensure marketing teams and supporting agencies communicate a consistent message about your brand to the world. As content creators for brands of all sizes, we use these guidelines […]

Our guide to content creation

Content is a massive part of life in 2019 – it informs us, entertains us, answers our questions, confirms our thoughts and enables us to share our lives with a global audience. We are all consuming content on an hourly basis – every time you search for something on Google, every scroll through Instagram, every […]

The power of testimonials for your business

Testimonials are an important part of the relationship building process for your business. They act as a way to enforce credibility and expertise and can strengthen your reputation by expressing the trust that other people have in your business.   Typically, testimonials come from two kinds of people – customers who use and love your […]

Seeing your business from a different perspective

On a recent photo shoot for a client we captured aerial video footage and stills photography from the sky using our drone. Our client’s business has physically grown its footprint in recent years and they wanted to capture the full expanse of the facilities in their current state – it also gave the them the […]

Social media and your marketing strategy

Your business needs to have a good social media presence. This is a simple fact that we must all accept when running our businesses both at a day-to-day level and at a strategic, top-thinking level. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sole trader or a large multinational, social media is now an essential part of […]

Video to support an event – How we worked with the Civica Awards

We have spent the last couple of months working in collaboration with Sales Torque to produce 12 awards videos, a corporate video, a parody video and animated assets for Civica’s annual ceremony. In this video we explain more about the video production required for this, with behind-the-scenes clips and examples of our work. Please do […]

The importance of video in the marketing mix

We are all watching videos all the time and they’re everywhere, from your phone to your desktop computer, so it’s not hard to see why they’re so popular with marketers. Video does what text doesn’t – it creates an immediate and authentic means of communication that connects directly with your audience. Video is versatile and […]