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Brand guidelines – what are they and why are they so important?

Every business has a brand, whether it has been consciously crafted or has developed organically over time. Creating a brand guidelines document is the perfect way to ensure marketing teams and supporting agencies communicate a consistent message about your brand to the world. As content creators for brands of all sizes, we use these guidelines […]

Our guide to content creation

Content is a massive part of life in 2019 – it informs us, entertains us, answers our questions, confirms our thoughts and enables us to share our lives with a global audience. We are all consuming content on an hourly basis – every time you search for something on Google, every scroll through Instagram, every […]

FLYTE Photography

Rockstone Financial – Relaxed business headshots

We were asked to provide images for Rockstone Financial Advisors for their new website. The brief was to capture a relaxed style series of headshots of the staff in the company. They didn’t want the very formal headshots with a white or black background. So, we organised some time at a local fine dinning pub. […]

HS Butyl – Product Photography

This seems to be a growing side of our business, product photography. We were asked by a local company to capture images of a few of their products. We had all the right gear to do it, so we went ahead. So we set up our product photography studio, with a white backdrop, got a […]

HS Butyl – Factory location Photography

As well as our product photography work we had with HS Butyl, they asked us to capture images at their factory. We arrived and got all our safety gear on and started shooting. We went from room to room capturing interesting and compelling images from a pre planned brief. These images are going to be […]

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